Our Digital Marketing Platform: How It Works

The digital marketing landscape is vast. There's always 100 ways to do something and many businesses and marketers tend to dilute their efforts by not having a cohesive plan or by focusing all their energy on things that don't impact the bottom line.

With this in mind, we built a data-driven system with artificial intelligence (AI), digital marketing best practices, and proven tactics built in so we can stay laser focused on what matters while continuously evaluating your digital landscape so we always know where the next opportunities are and what to do next.

In short, it allows us to continually increase your conversions which means we ultimately get you talking to more people via phone calls, form submissions, and web chats.

digital marketing platform
digital marketing platform
1. We Take Control

We effectively become your marketing and web team. We come to you to tell you what we will be working on instead of relying on you to tell us. You can trust us to do what is right from a digital marketing perspective allowing you to stay focused on your business.

2. We Replatform your website (or create a new one)

At this stage, one of two things will happen with your website: we will determine whether to replatform your existing website or completely build you a new one. In either case you will have a thoroughly researched and proven technology stack for optimal website speed and performance.

3. Our platform collects your data

We integrate all of your data points into our platform, ConvertIQ, and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and other algorithms to identify, clarify, and prioritize the biggest opportunities that will immediately produce results.

4. We turn your data into action

We've built a digital marketing execution system based on best practices and proven tactics that we know drive conversions. Once ConvertIQ organizes your priorities, we get busy building your digital marketing conversion generating machine.

5. We Monitor & Report Success

Our entire platform was built around driving conversions for your business. Our AI driven proprietary tools not only keeps track of the number of conversions you are getting but is able to quickly identify any issues so we can continue to get you even more conversions. Additionally, you will have a dashboard that gives full insight into what we are doing and the number of conversions you are getting.

6. Our platform discovers new opportunities & we do it all over again

Our AI driven platform is constantly crunching data and is able to identify and prioritize new opportunities. Once these are identified we get busy turning this data into action so we can continue to take your conversions to the next level.

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