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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Social media is super inefficient in driving leads for the vast majority of businesses.  On average we have found less than 2% of leads generated for our customers comes through social channels.

No. Traditional marketing as a whole isn’t measurable, close to the buying decision, compounding, or produces a return on time and money therefore we stay away from it and stay focused on tactics that are proven to check all of those boxes.

As Donald Miller, CEO of Business Made Simple, said, “Branding costs you money, marketing makes you money”.  We will elevate your brand though when we create your website but branding projects take our focus off the prize of getting you more leads.

No, not at this time.  By controlling the execution and data, we can better build the tools and systems necessary to scale lead generation for our customers.

No.  We have been down this path enough times to know that your website is probably fraught with problems under the hood that will lead to us being inefficient in our delivery of leads for you. 

A rebuild also allows us to build better systems that you can take advantage of.  Can you imagine having to train a team on 30 different ways to do a simple task?…We can’t either.

We will consider executing a single tactic for customers as long as it falls within our operational model.  We will however not commit to any guarantees unless we are doing it all.  Please get in touch with sales if you are interested.

Yup…we put our money where our mouth is. The only reason we wouldn’t is if we feel like we can’t 2x-10x your leads because you  already have a mature digital marketing program.  It would then be up to you if you still want to work together.

If you are already working with somebody, ask them to do the same 🙂

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