Digital Marketing Plans

We created multiple tiers to accommodate your specific needs. Our growth plan includes up to a 100% money back guarantee if we don’t double your conversions within the first year.
Ads Only

Data Collection & AI Analysis w/ ConvertIQ™

Advanced Reporting

Digital Ads Strategy & Execution

Content Strategy & Execution

Search Engine Optimization Strategy & Execution

Local Search Strategy

Website Maintenance & Support

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Ads Only

The First 45 Days

Get access to all necessary accounts (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Existing Hosting, etc.)

The first step in our new engagement is to get access to all your website data and hosting.

Create themes

We create marketing themes that guide our focus, data, and reporting throughout the engagement. These are typically centered around your products and services.

Setup all the necessary data collectors

All of your marketing data will be collected to power our algorithms and AI to guide us as we work to achieve more conversions for your business.

Setup goals/conversion tracking

All of our conversion tracking will be setup as goals within Google Analytics.

Configure dashboards/reporting

All of the data we have collected will be used to populate your customer dashboards and our internal reporting used to guide us to success.

Generate strategy guides

Our platform generates strategy guides for ads, content, optimization work, etc. This ensures we are always working on the most important things to increase your conversion numbers.

Launch first ad campaign

Digital advertising, specifically Google search ads, is an important piece of the puzzle to achieving more conversions. We want to start that as soon as possible.

Your Website

- Replatform your current website

In love with your current website? You can keep it, but we will still replatform it onto our system so you can take advantage of all of the tools and processes we have built.

- Move website to new hosting

We will put your website on our hosting provider to help us achieve the speed, performance, and scalability we need to make you successful.

- Launch

Your newly replatformed website will be launched to the world.

Interaction Managment Platform Onboarding

You will be onboarded onto Podium, our interaction management platform of choice.

Generate first piece of strategic content

Our team will create the first piece of SEO focused, strategic content that will start the process of bringing more organic traffic to your website.

Start ongoing optimization

Obstacles in the conversion process are detrimental to getting you more conversions. We'll look for those obstacles and begin fixing them.

Conversion Tracking

Call Tracking (Google Ads)

We track phone calls directly from your search ads as conversions.

Call Tracking (Web)

If somebody clicks your phone number to call you from your website, we track it as a conversion.

Lead Forms Tracking

Any lead generation form on your website is tracked as a conversion.

WebChat Tracking

Podium is our webchat tool of choice and is part of your plan. Any chats generated on your website will be tracked as a conversion.

Goal Tracking in Google Analyics

Google Analytics is the web measurement tool of choice for over 85% of the world's websites. Conversions will get set up as goals so we can monitor success.

Monthly Reporting

All conversion points are collected, analyzed and displayed in your monthly dashboards.

Data Collection & Reporting

Theme Management

Themes are our way of creating focus on the right things. We prune these on a regular basis to drive better results.

Advanced Data Collection

- Google Search Console

Search Console is a toolset provided by Google that guides us in identifying, measuring, and fixing issues on your website so that it can be indexed in the most effective way by search engines like Google.

- Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the tool of choice for many companies and individuals, as it not only tracks website traffic, but also how visitors are performing on your site.

- Google Ads

Our powerful system analyzes your Google Ads data daily and makes recommendations on things like new campaign opportunities or reallocating budgets.

- Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that analyzes the most popular search queries in Google Search.

- Daily Website Scans

Our platform scans every page on your website daily to help power our AI and algorithms. This tells us when pages change and the impact it has on performance.

- SERP Data

Search engine results pages (SERPs) are the page that search engines display to a user after they submit a query. We collect and analyze SERP data to inform our next steps.

- Many Others Sources

We are constantly evaluating new data sources that will make our system even more powerful which means better results for you.

Custom Health & Performance Metrics

Our platform identifies page errors, site speed issues, and other performance related issues. Once found, our team works to resolve them.

Platform/AI Generated Analysis

We process upwards of a million rows of data a month for each of our customers. This powers our AI and algorithms that ultimately results in more conversions for you.

Data-driven Action Plans

Our platform creates action plans and worksheets that guide our daily work.

Monthly Reporting

All of this data powers our customer dashboards and the internal reporting that guides our decisions.

Digital Advertising

Google Search Advertising (SEM)

Our advertising starts with ads on the Google SERP. We do this is because it allows us to be highly strategic near the end of the buyer's journey.

ROI-focused campaign setup

Our platform recommends which campaigns to setup first and how to group keywords together to most effectively drive results and keep quality score and ad ratings high.

Continuous campaign management

Once campaigns are setup, the work is just beginning. Our platform scores every campaign, ad group, and keyword and gives us actionable insights on how to fix low performing ads.

Budget Management, Allocation, and Recommendations

Our platform tells us when we are spending too much or too little on a particular campaign. This allows us to make the necessary adjustments to maximize your ad spend and conversions.

Data-driven Action Plans

Our platform generates action plans that allow us to focus on the things that matter most.

Data-driven optimization

We are constantly looking for ways to drive down your cost per-click and increase click-through rates and conversions.

Advanced Data Collection

We collects lots and lots of data on your behalf. This powers our AI and algorithms that ultimately give you a competitive advantage.

Advanced Reporting + Conversion Tracking

We collect all the ads only conversion points like mobile calls directly from the ad and combine them with your on-site conversions.

Landing Page Optimization

If strategic landing pages are needed, not only will we create them, but we'll also measure and optimize their effectiveness.

Monthly Reporting

We report on everything including: ad performance, top potential campaigns, budget recommendations, etc.

Web Optimization

Data-driven Action Plans

Our platform generates action plans that allow us to focus on the things that matter most.

Organic CTR Optimization

Our platform looks for pages with a high number of impressions but low click-through rates. From there we look for ways to improve those pages and get more organic traffic flowing into your site.

On-Page, Technical SEO Optimization

Every page of your site is scanned, scored, and reported back to the team. From there we look for opportunities to improve those scores.

UX Conversion Optimization

Have a page that isn't contributing to the buyer's journey like it needs to be? Our team of UX experts identifies issues throughout your site and works to improve your conversion rates.

Page Speed/Core Web Vitals Optimization

Core web vitals is now a ranking factor to Google. We identify issues with core web vitals and work to resolve them.

Monthly Reporting

We report on everything including: overall optimization, per page optimization, page speed, page errors, etc.


Topic ideation

Every week our system creates a new content strategy guide. We analyze the recommendations and create a content plan for you.

Data-driven Content Briefs

Once we hone in on an idea, our system generates a content brief that gives us valuable insights and guidance to our writers.

SEO keyword research and analysis

We power our system with thousands of keywords associated with your site each day.

Data-driven Action Plans

Daily, our system generates a new content strategy for our review. It shows what topics within each theme are the biggest opportunities.

A dedicated team of top writers

Content is extremely important in building your organic traffic. Rest assured, we will always have our digital content experts working on your behalf.

Proofreading and review by our in-house team

Before publishing on your site, we review each piece of content again to ensure it meets our standards and has a high likelihood of achieving the intended results.

SEO editing for optimal search performance

Every piece of content on your site will be run through our analyzer to ensure we are doing the right things from an SEO point of view.

Strategic, SEO driven words per month

Each Growth Plan has an agreed upon word count used to create data driven articles and blogs each month. This SEO focused content plan will power an increase in organic traffic.

Starting at 3,000

Monthly Reporting

We report on how well our content strategy is working and what topics we should focus on in the future.

Ratings/Reviews + Local

Google My Business (GMB) Setup

GMB is now an essential component of getting found on the internet. We make sure you are there.

Premium Interaction Management Platform

$99/month value

- Webchat

Podium's Webchat will be installed on your website and conversations initiated through it will be tracked as goals/conversions.

- Ratings/Reviews

Ratings & reviews are an important part of local search and online trust. Your team can request and manage them through Podium.

- Payments

Through Podium you can even take payments if you want to.

- Teamchat

Need to communicate internally? Podium allows your team to chat within the same platform you use to manage webchats and online reviews.


We will setup Podium on your website and walk your team through how to use it.

Conversion tracking

Webchat is an important part of our conversion collection process. We will set it up and make sure the data is flowing into Google Analytics.

Technical Support

Having an issue with Podium? We will be your first level of support to get it fixed.

Monthly Reporting

Like everything else, we will collect your webchat data and report on it with the rest of your conversion metrics.

Web Performance

Lightning Fast Hosting

Speed matters. We have done our research and performance tests and built our web model on a best-in-class hosting platform.

Core Web Vitals/Site Speed Monitoring and Remediation

As of June 2021, core web vitals and site speed is a ranking factor in Google. We monitor and fix any core web vitals issues that may cause prospects to leave your site prematurely.

Advanced Caching

Caching allows us to create optimized, fast loading web pages which impacts SEO rankings and conversion rates.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We implement a CDN to speed up delivery of your assets like images, CSS, and JS around the world.

Image Compression

Images can account for over half the page load time on your site. We optimize every image on your site and keep it that way.

Mininification of Resources (CSS/Javascript)

Minifying your website's CSS and Javascript can reduce the size of those assets by up to 50%.

GZIP Compression

Compressing files can drastically reduce the size of a file, allowing pages to load faster and requiring less data usage.

Automatic Database optimization

Our system automatically adjusts your database settings to optimize its performance.

Web Maintenance & Support

Daily Website Backups

We perform daily web backups so we can quickly recover from any unforeseen issues.

Monthly Patching & Upgrades

Every month we perform updates and patching to make sure your website is running at optimal performance and free of security vulnerabilities.

Page Error (404 & 500) Monitoring and Remediation

Our system collects and reports on any 404/500 errors. Once identified, we go in and fix any issues.

Performance Monitoring

If performance begins to suffer we will identify the problem and fix it.

Web Security

Hack and malware removal

If your website is compromised for any reason, we will fix it at no additional cost to you.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are a ranking factor with Google and an important trust building element with your users. If you don't have one already, you will.


30 min. Consulting Calls

Every month we meet with you to discuss what is working and what isn't and gain insights to will help us better market your business.


Professional Services Hours Per Month

Need a new section of your website or a custom dashboard for your board? We've got you covered. Professional service hours can be used to get your non-conversion generating work complete.


Projects (Estimated by request)

We are your marketing and web team. Got a project you need help with? Let us know and we can give you an estimate.

Software + Tools

We are constantly evaluating new tools that plug into our system intended to get you more conversions.

Over $9,000/year value

Ad Spend (In addition to monthly tier cost)

Digital advertising is an important part of the conversion generation process. We will work with you to set a budget to help achieve ideal results.

$1,000 min/month

$1,000 min/month​

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