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Why You Need A New Website (and No, It’s Not Aesthetics)

May 30, 2017
Redstitch Team

Admitting you have a crappy website is the first step towards recovery … and, well, getting a better website.

There’s never really a convenient time to have that conversation, where you decide what to do about your company’s outdated or underperforming website. You’re most likely too busy actually running the business, and any discussion of what could be improved is a guaranteed time-suck.

We get it.

But, we don’t want to talk about what to do.

We want to talk about the why — the actual reasons you use to justify a new website.

Our reason?

Redesigning your website should be about making it work for your business, first; and making it look better, second.

A great-looking website should be a natural byproduct of a redesign, not the ultimate goal.

So, before you burn your site to the ground to start over, be sure to ask yourself a few critical questions.

Why Do You WANT a New Website?

What about your site today bugs you?

  • Does it feel unusable or broken?
  • Is it not responsive or mobile-friendly?
  • Is the branding outdated?
  • Is it difficult (or impossible) for you to update without professional help?
  • Are your competitors’ website(s) better?
  • Are you embarrassed to send your prospects there?

Embarrassment is a powerful motivator, and it’s the driving force behind nearly every website redesign inquiry we receive.

Maybe your top competitors are a step ahead, rolling out state-of-the-art sites of their own. Albeit a good reason to up your game, ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ is still an emotional response to feeling left behind — it’s not a good enough reason to redesign your website.

Dig deeper.

Remember …

Business, first.

Aesthetics, second.

Why Do You NEED a New Website?

Need? … Now, that is a very different question than want.

Take your gut reactions and emotional responses out of the equation entirely.

What value do you get from your website today?

If you cannot answer that question, or you think your website could do so much more for your business, then congrats … you might need a new website.

One last time, the decision to build a new website is a business decision, not an aesthetic one.

DO NOT start making big decisions about your website until you’re prepared to discuss the ways it could help your business increase revenue and grow. A fresh, cutting-edge design will not save you from spending a small fortune on a website that does nothing to drive your business forward.

Let your business goals drive your website’s design.

  • Do you need your website to support your marketing strategy?
  • Do you need your website to attract new prospects with a blog and/or content strategy?
  • Do you need your website to generate new customers by attracting and converting leads?
  • Do you need your website to drive revenue, with new functionality like e-commerce?

The bottom line is your website has the potential to become your greatest marketing and sales tool, which is why you need to invest in your website’s ability to drive your business forward.

Just, you know, be sure to hire an agency that knows how to make it look nice, too.

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