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What Making Apple Pies Teaches Us About Strategic Planning

March 27, 2017
Wes Davis

Too often we hear from people about how they are disappointed in the results of their digital marketing efforts. Typically, we quickly figure out that they are simply executing a bunch of tactics without any purpose or plan. This is the equivalent of guessing what ingredients are needed for an apple pie, throwing them all together, and hoping that a beautiful, delicious apple pie comes out of the oven.

What are the odds that would happen? Pretty slim (unless you are a master chef).

So, what’s missing? It’s simple: Goals (the outcome, a delicious apple pie) and Strategy (the recipe).

Once a “recipe” is in place, the tactics, or actions necessary to execute the recipe, become very clear, and the chances of reaching your goal go up tremendously.

I understand that is an oversimplified example, however, the message is very strong and everyone can relate to it. Executing tactics without purpose is simply the noise before defeat.

Yes, building recipes, or strategies, takes time.

They will evolve.

They will get better over time.

And I encourage you to take the time necessary to create and understand the importance of strategic planning. Define your goals and strategies before you start executing aimless tactics.

You will get results when things are done with purpose.

Wouldn’t it be nice knowing that you will be pulling beautiful, delicious apple pies out of the oven over and over again?

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