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What is “Celebrate Evansville”?

May 27, 2015
Redstitch Team

We live, we work and we play in Evansville, Indiana.

In a way, that’s all the justification we needed to get behind our newest project, “Celebrate Evansville.”

On Wednesday June 10, 2015 we will release a two and a half minute video (shot completely in 4K, for you high-def purists) that blends both innovative hyper-lapse and time-lapse photography techniques to paint the City of Evansville in a way we promise you’ve never seen before.

If you haven’t already, watch the trailer for Celebrate Evansville here:

And while we’ve admittedly enjoyed every minute of making this project, our goals behind the creation of Celebrate Evansville transcend our fascination with fancy camera equipment.

More specifically, our goals were …

1. To Showcase The City of Evansville

From the start, our foremost goal with the Celebrate Evansville video project was to showcase this city in a new and exciting way by capturing stunning time- and hyper-lapse sequences of some of Evansville’s most significant cultural and historical landmarks.

We have no idea if this video will go so far as to encourage more tourism, but we can confidently say it will change the way some people see and think about Evansville.

Across Evansville, there is beauty in the details. We’re just excited to share the parts of it we were able to capture in this video.

2. To Create a Historical Snapshot of Evansville in 2015

Evansville is a city in transition.

Spend some time Downtown (or live there like several of us on the Redstitch team), and you’ll undoubtedly pick up on subtle vibrations, the unmistakable buzz of a town on the verge of something bigger and better.

Which is why the second goal of Celebrate Evansville is to create a time capsule — an engaging snapshot of what Evansville looked and felt like in the Spring of 2015.

With projects like the IU School of Medicine slated for construction, a lot’s going to change in the near future. This Spring alone, several new restaurants and cultural events have blossomed with the flowers.

The best part is it seems more and more people are going out to regularly engage with these local shops and events — leading us to our third and final goal.

3. To Inspire Community Engagement

Evansville isn’t an assemblage of buildings on the banks of the Ohio. Evansville, like any other town, is a community of individuals; and as individuals, we can shape our community by getting involved.

Celebrate Evansville is our way of encouraging you to take pride in our city.

Get outside, get involved and Celebrate Evansville with us.

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