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Meet Jamie Pate, Our First Official Content Strategist

February 22, 2018
Redstitch Team

As content strategist, Jamie is chiefly responsible for creating and shaping the Redstitch narrative.

“We [Redstitch] have this incredible story worth telling because of our purpose as a business, and what we are capable of accomplishing on behalf of our clients. Many businesses who could benefit from a relationship with us don’t even know who we are or understand the ways we can help their business grow. My job is to change that. To shake things up and help people really know and understand us. We have the tools to help companies evolve and make an impact, and I intend to make as many people aware of that as possible,” says Jamie.

After earning a degree in journalism and Spanish from Indiana University, Jamie spent time living in Spain and teaching English before returning to her hometown, Evansville, and earning a Visual Arts and Communications degree with a graphic design focus. She began a freelance business creating narratives and telling stories for a variety companies, and spent valuable time working in the marketing department with Old National Bank before joining Redstitch – a former freelance client – where she says she’s never felt more at home.

“For the first time in my career it feels like the impact I’ve always wanted to make, and the personal achievements I’ve been pursuing are attainable – because of Redstitch. When we help other companies grow, magic happens. Jobs are created. Revenue is generated.

This facilitates so many opportunities for employees and their families. I get to live this, and instead of doing it alone, I work with a remarkably talented roster of people everyday. I am finally where I belong, and I hope my work can help others have that for themselves. It’s both liberating and fulfilling.”

Todd Chase and Wes Davis co-founded Redstitch in March of 2013. The company continues to grow, forming a dynamic team of experts in many areas of technology, marketing, and creativity. Our core purpose as a business exemplifies mantras like “practice what you preach,” “always be educating” and “be honest, even when it hurts;” all values that translate to the clients we work with everyday – from small businesses to large corporations and Fortune 500 companies.


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