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Web Page, Landing Page: What’s the Difference?

July 24, 2017
Redstitch Team

If you’ve ever tried to market your business, chances are you’ve heard the terms “web page” and “landing page”. Also, chances are there have been times you’ve heard these terms interchangeably. We’re here to tell you, that is incorrect.

Technically, all landing pages are web pages, but not all web pages are landing pages. 

So what’s the difference …?

What’s A Web Page

A web page is a page of content that lives on a website accessible through the internet. A web page can be found by clicking through a website, and typically contains general, informative content that is relevant to the reader (we hope).

What’s A Landing Page

A landing page is a content-specific web page that stands alone, separate from your website and accessible through an ad or CTA. Most importantly, landing pages are created to fulfill one purpose: the content on the page is hyper-focused on helping a visitor complete a very specific call to action (CTA).

Key Elements Of A Landing Page

If you were to compare examples of these two types of pages, there are key elements to determine which page is a quality landing page.

  • One call-to-action — There should only be one objective for a visitor to complete on the landing page. One goal, one form, one CTA button, and zero confusion.
  • No navigation — On landing pages, all navigation should be removed. No navigation means no distractions and a higher chance of the viewer completing the call to action. It keeps the visitor focused on the task at hand and does not allow them to navigate away from the landing page.
  • Highly relevant content — All content on landing pages should be specific to the campaign or offer you’re promoting. If you were to have multiple campaigns running simultaneously, then there should be multiple landing pages with different messaging to support the various campaigns.
  • Powerful image — The most effective landing pages are clean, not cluttered. One powerful, quality image can do more than seven low-quality images on a landing page. Make sure the image is relevant to your messaging and to the purpose of the landing page.

Common Uses For Landing Pages

Promote Campaigns and Offers

Landing pages are great tools to leverage when running special campaigns or specific offers.

Since landing pages live separately from your main website pages, you can create as many as you need to support your digital marketing strategy … without cluttering your website.

Landing pages are only one piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Other components like emails, digital ads, and workflows are important for success, but landing pages are key to making sure viewers are in the right place, reading the right content, and converting.

Support and Track Traditional Advertising

While we don’t create or execute traditional advertising campaigns, we love to track their performance and landing pages are essential to do that. Landing pages are created for those who do come in through traditional marketing (i.e. radio ads, television commercials, billboards and print ads) to learn more about your offer.

We can see how effective (or not at all) a traditional marketing campaign is and how much traffic it generates by simply creating a custom URL that leads to a landing page.

Used In Lead Nurturing

It’s popular to use landing pages to capture leads, but what most don’t realize is that landing pages are imperative to the lead-nurturing process as well. Once a prospect becomes a lead, more often than not they still need to be educated until they are ready to make a purchase.

Landing pages can be used to offer your leads more relevant content, while also capturing more information about them. Over time, the more you learn about your leads the better you can cater to their needs.

Pro Tip: Landing pages can also be used to house surveys to send to your email list. You can use these surveys to gather information about yourself and learn how to improve your services, processes, or business as a whole.

While landing pages and web pages are both necessary in the online and marketing worlds, they each serve a very different purpose. The key is that you understand these differences and use them to their full advantage.

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