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We Don’t Do Cookie Cutter Marketing. You Shouldn’t Either.

June 12, 2017
Wes Davis

Nothing about our business is pre-fab, so our sales process and the marketing strategies we create for each client should be just as unique.

We know that all companies are different and forcing them into any type of cookie cutter process for marketing or sales, would be a disservice to the client.

Stay Away From “Marketing Packages”

If an agency presents you with a tiered marketing plan, suggests a marketing package based on business size, or recommends starting your business on a certain marketing “level”, walk away. No successful marketing agency can predetermine a profitable marketing strategy for your business by placing you in a category on day one.

We take the time to learn about you and your business. Just as a doctor would examine a patient before making a diagnosis or prescribing a course of treatment, we get to know your business and its pains before we suggest any type of marketing strategy. We treat the sales process as a learning experience, for both the prospect and ourselves, and we will never create a marketing strategy for a client without going through an initial education process.

Let Numbers Drive Marketing Strategy

Was the last time you heard from your marketing strategist last year when he handed you the year-long comprehensive marketing plan? As marketing strategists, we are constantly analyzing and studying data. To know if a marketing strategy is working, we have to be reviewing the results on a daily basis. If your agency is not in living in the marketing analytics, you are wasting your money.

All of our marketing tactics are used to supplement the core marketing strategies we have identified specifically for your company. These strategies and tactics are constantly being tested and analyzed by our strategists. If we see something that isn’t working and have the numbers to back it up, we change course.

Marketing Is A Partnership

Stay away from the ‘yes-man’ marketing agencies. If you knew what marketing tactics were best for your organization, you wouldn’t be hiring a marketing agency to begin with.

You know your business and we know marketing.

You need an agency that collaborates with you.

We make recommendations based on what we hear you say about your business and what we find in our research. We discuss with you the priorities within your marketing strategy, those tactics and core strategies that will grow your business the most. By discussing your company’s pains and solutions we gain insight into which strategies will need to make the top of your marketing list.

Building this type of relationship allows us to better understand our clients and helps us keep the goals of the business top of mind when making strategy-based decisions.

Don’t be fooled by the cookie cutter agencies of the world. You deserve more than an assembly line sales process and your business’s marketing shouldn’t have to fit in a specific box. Find an agency that is as unique as your business, and that will build whatever processes and relationships necessary to help your business grow.

Want to grow your business alongside an agency that treats it like their own? Let’s talk.

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