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Vectren Case Study: Increasing Commercial Rebate Participation by 432% in 5 Months

July 19, 2017
Redstitch Team

The Way It Was

Every year, efficiency teams at Vectren track down, contact, and enroll business owners across Indiana and Ohio in special rebate programs that drastically reduce their out-of-pocket cost to upgrade or replace their older commercial gas equipment with newer, more efficient alternatives. Vectren allocates a specific amount of money to pay-out in rebates annually, and the success of each rebate project they complete is measured in therms.

The bigger the project, the more therms it’s worth.

Historically, this program has been driven by traditional marketing tactics like direct mail, cold-calling, and word-of-mouth; but in July of 2016 — more than halfway through their calendar year — Vectren had only reached 19% of their commercial gas rebates therms goal.

With only five months left in the year, they had to generate enough awareness, interest, and leads to close their 81% therm deficit.

What They Decided To Do

In order to generate more leads and reach their annual therms goal, Vectren asked Redstitch to add a layer of strategic digital marketing to their gas rebates marketing effort.

Having previously worked with Redstitch on several awareness campaigns, Vectren already understood the cost-effective, targeted value of digital marketing. The key difference in this initiative was their need to attract, convert, and pass qualified leads to an internal outreach team.

To do that, Redstitch needed to build a full digital strategy, complete with digital advertising campaigns, a highly-converting landing page experience, and lead-nurturing program.

“Through research and experience, Redstitch has recommended creative channels for sharing our information. Our budget takes us further today as we are in the right place for the right customer when they are likely in the right mindset to respond to our calls to action.”

Brandy Spainhoward
Manager, Marketing, Vectren Corporation

How Redstitch Helped

Between August and December 2016, Redstitch completed the following activities to help Vectren increase public awareness of their gas rebate program and generate the qualified leads necessary to meet their annual therms goal.

Full Campaign Strategy

Pulling traffic from multiple channels including Vectren’s website and payment portal, email marketing, Facebook, Google Display, and Adwords, Redstitch designed a campaign strategy that attracted new visitors to rebate specific landing pages designed to convert leads.

Prospects that took longer to convert were served remarketing ads, and/or enrolled in lead nurturing email programs until sufficiently convinced to opt-in.

Vectren Case Study Campaign Strategy Map

Landing Pages & Email Templates

Redstitch built Vectren a truly custom, highly-visual landing page template designed to convert visitors into leads, which were passed to an outreach team. The landing page experience was completely trackable, allowing us to segment prospects and serve them remarketing ads based on their rebate preferences. We also built a custom email template to nurture leads that required more convincing.
Redstitch Vectren Case Study Landing Pages & Email Templates

Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing

Vectren provided an email list, which was created by referencing existing customers’ ID numbers that corresponded with rebate requirements. The list was untested and needed some curation, but ultimately proved to be an incredible resource throughout the campaign.

The unique challenge with email marketing proved to be understanding who we were talking to at each business. Not every reader was a decision-maker, but the lead nurturing campaign afforded us the opportunity to test multiple lines of messaging until we found a ‘good fit’.

Display & Ad Creative

Redstitch adapted Vectren’s branding to create a set of display ads that were used to drive landing page traffic and return remarketing traffic.
Redstitch Vectren Case Study Display & Ad Creative

Analysis & Optimization

Because of Vectren’s ambitious goals and short timeframe, campaign analysis and optimization was critical. We also built in-depth tracking mechanisms that gave us a full picture of who was visiting, from where, and what to do next. This allowed us to be adaptive and make quick decisions based on user behavior.

The Results

101% to Goal | 3,500+ Unique Visitors | 153 Qualified Leads

Along with a huge spike in customer awareness, Vectren ultimately reached their 2016 therm goal in the span of 5 months, rounding out December 2016 at 101% to goal!

Redstitch generated 153 qualified leads and 3,500+ unique visitors — all while spending a mere 25% of the allotted advertising budget. The program was both effective and efficient, and Vectren will relaunch the strategic digital arm of their gas rebate program in 2017.


“Through Redstitch’s help marketing our commercial gas rebate programs with targeted emails, unique program landing pages and targeted digital marketing, Vectren was able to end the year at 101% to goal. What initially seemed impossible, surpassed the company’s expectations.

Brandy Spainhoward
Manager, Marketing, Vectren Corporation

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