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The Problem with Googling “Social Media Marketing”

July 17, 2017
Redstitch Team

In a perfect world, no one would ever Google the words “social media marketing.”

But, it happens — about 33,100 times a month, if we’re counting (Google).

We dream of the day this number dwindles away to nothing, but until then, we’re taking it upon ourselves to explain why searching for phrases such as “social media marketing” or worse, “facebook marketing”, isn’t going to help you reach your biggest business goals.

Here’s the thing, when you search for those types of phrases, you’re flooded with a nasty combination of a) companies claiming to be social media experts selling commoditized services and b) lists upon lists of quick-fix social media tactics. This is not what you want. This is a concoction for failure.


Because tactics are singular moves that, if not tied back to a strategy, will ultimately fail. Examples of non-strategic tactics include running impromptu Facebook contests, creating your own hashtag just for fun, aimlessly tagging an influencer, posting whatever your heart desires, etc.

These tactics result in one-off gains with short-lived successes. They produce nothing more than vanity outcomes. Do all those likes, shares, retweets, and comments impact your bottom line? Are all those new followers even valuable? Do they bring in sales? Or help you double your revenue?

If not, you may need to rethink your social media efforts.

I get it — every business owner feels obligated to be on social media, but the reality is most of them don’t even know where to begin, or are too busy running their business to get bogged down by marketing responsibilities.

And, unfortunately, there are many companies out there claiming to be “social media gurus” who are taking advantage of this situation. They focus on tactics first, rather than creating a comprehensive growth strategy aimed at long-term success.

60% of small business owners admit to not being able to track ROI from their social media activities. Yet, businesses are dedicating a cringe-worthy amount of resources to social media marketing without a plan. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

Don’t get me wrong — social media is a powerful tool, but it can’t be the only tool in your toolbox.

Here are a few reasons why you should be hesitant to focus all your time, energy, and money on social media alone:

  • Selling on social media is not the same as selling in person — 72% of sales professionals feel they are not proficient with social selling. Without experience… this could be especially challenging.
  • Social media success doesn’t happen overnight — it’s relationship-driven and implementing an aggressive marketing strategy that utilizes social media effectively will take time and commitment.
  • There are 2.8 billion active social media users worldwide … but they’re not all on the same platforms.
  • You have to figure out where your target audience is hiding out on social media, and that takes data collection, analysis, and usually a little trial-and-error.



Social media should be thought of as one tool (of many) to help you reach your biggest business goals.

Social media marketing, by itself, is not the answer.

Having a presence on social media is important, but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme that’s going to solve all your problems. Growing a genuine following, attracting authentic engagement, and getting high-value leads (that turn into sales) takes time, attention, and investment.

So before you continue typing these commoditized solutions into Google, I want to challenge you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to send high-quality traffic to my website?
  • Do I want high-quality leads?
  • Do I want to increase my revenue?
  • Do I want to grow my business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s phrases like “inbound marketing” and “strategic marketing” that you should be searching.

And if you need help because you realize you can’t do it alone… try taking it a step further and searching for “inbound marketing agencies” or “strategic marketing agencies”.

If you’re interested in just skipping Google search altogether and are ready to talk about how to use social media the correct way, let’s get in touch. In a 30-minute call, we can help understand where your business is at and what you need to keep it moving forward.

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