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Set Priorities When Executing Marketing

May 25, 2017
Wes Davis

When we meet with our clients or prospects, we explain the importance of strategy — how it’s important to have a plan before executing marketing tactics and to keep the most valuable, timely solutions in mind when determining next steps.

This process spurred a great question from one of our clients.

“The marketing strategy you built is great, it helps all aspects of our business, but which part comes first? Everything needs help now.”

Our answer? Whatever gives you the greatest amount of value with the smallest amount of time and energy invested — that’s what comes first.

What are the easy wins?

Instead of trying to accomplish one large feat after another (that may or may not provide the MOST value to your business) knock out multiple small wins that create long term value. Why pour time, energy, and money into something that will provide little payoff?

Prioritize the the high value tasks within the marketing strategy and start executing, checking each solution off the list as they are accomplished. All elements within your strategy that need attention will be tended to over time, but only when it makes the most sense for reaching your business goals.

Identifying priorities within the marketing strategy not only provides you the most value, but also creates efficiencies allowing your business to expand quickly.

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