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Introducing Junior Marketing Specialist, Kennedy Moore

January 16, 2019
Redstitch Team

Introducing Kennedy: Former collegiate athlete, baking aficionada, crafter and most importantly, our new Junior Digital Marketing Specialist.

Kennedy earned a marketing degree from the University of Southern Indiana. Before joining our team, she interned with Lexus in California, specializing in customer satisfaction, and digital marketing sales and support. She was also a fashion jewelry sales associate at The Diamond Galleria.

She was recruited to play soccer at the collegiate level when she was just 13 years old, an honor awarded indubiously because of her dedication, discipline, and hard work – qualities that also spill over into her professional career as a marketer. Playing sports has also helped her develop a competitive drive which has largely contributed to her entrepreneurial spirit in the workplace.

Before beginning her career, she crafted, made clothing, and was continually coming up with ways to monetize her creativity, whether selling items to friends or using social media to promote her products.

She’s thoughtful, bright, and brings a fresh perspective to the strategies and topics that benefit our clients, as well as their customers and clientele. She’s particularly skilled at nurturing loyal customers but also deciphers the finer details of using a humanistic approach to build relationships with new audiences and potential clientele.

She’s not all business all the time, though. While professionalism is something she truly respects and values, her personal mantra is rooted in finding the humanistic side of things, and never taking life too seriously.

Todd Chase and Wes Davis co-founded Redstitch in March of 2013. The company continues to grow, forming a dynamic team of experts in many areas of technology, marketing, and creativity.

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