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It’s Time to Rethink Your Digital Marketing From the Ground, Up

February 23, 2016
Redstitch Team

Despite your best efforts to market your business, the competition is still gaining ground.

You know that feeling.

Stagnant … without a clue whether or not the time and money you’ve invested in marketing thus far is earning you a dime.

Spoiler alert, there is no quick fix solution for most businesses. No, no. More often than not, the road to marketing redemption begins at the ground floor.

To turn this wayward train around, you’ll need to start by rethinking your digital marketing from the ground, up.

Rethink you digital marketing‘ … what does that even mean?

To answer that, let’s first rethink what you (think you) know about your customers and how they buy goods and services.

1. Rethink What Your Customers Want

All of your potential clients out there today probably conduct exhaustive research online before ever opening their wallets or calling up a sales rep.

The Internet allows all of us to shop on our own terms, and that’s a good thing.

Digital marketing has made it easier for businesses of every size (and budget) to reach millions of people, anywhere on earth, anytime. The tradeoff to this unprecedented marketing-reach is those same people have the ability to completely ignore youif they want to.

No one wants to engage with pushy salespeople, neither do they want to be interrupted by tacky advertising — so they won’t.

As a direct result of these changes in consumer habits, traditional, outbound marketing doesn’t work anymore.

Radio, television, billboards … these time-honored outbound methods are no longer the gold standard of marketing success … not by a long shot. Even the companies USING these tactics agree with that fact.

Already, three out of four marketers across the globe prioritize an inbound approach to marketing. Why? Because it works.

So, ask yourself, is your annual marketing budget better spent on a handful of quarter-page magazine ads, or an entire year of non-stop, digital marketing campaigns?

In order to better serve your customers, it’s time to embrace a new way of thinking about marketing. Stop interrupting their lives and start connecting with them online in meaningful ways instead.

To be successful and grow your business and revenues, you must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.
Brian Halligan Hubspot CEO

We’re talking about inbound marketing here, folks.

Instead of paying for ads, email lists and leads, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that organically draws people to your company, products and website. By tailoring the content you create to appeal to your ideal customers, you’ll attract highly qualified traffic, which you can convert into leads, close as customers and delight over and over.

Creating highly educated, happy customers means more consistent, higher ROI.

Everybody wins.

2. Rethink How You Make Marketing Decisions

This new way of thinking about marketing your business is all about numbers, because data-driven decision making and inbound marketing go hand-in-hand.

If a blog post or a downloadable resource is driving traffic to your site, and the analytics reflect that, throw fuel on that fire! Promote it in Facebook and share, share, share! Likewise, your website visitors are hitting a snag and bouncing off a specific page, analytical data will show you exactly where, allowing you to quickly smooth out any problem areas.

Data-centric approaches to marketing are nothing new, but they’re quickly becoming the standard. Long gone are the days of shooting from the hip, making costly marketing decisions based on whatever your gut tells you that day.

It’s time to get on board the inbound train and rethink what digital marketing, backed by data-driven decision making can do for your business.

3. Rethink the Purpose of Your Website

Too many companies view their own website like a digital brochure — nothing more than a couple of flimsy pages with a contact form. Good for them, but the value of a cookie cutter website is minimal at best.

Ask yourself, could your website do more than simply prove you exist?

Could it support your sales & marketing?

Could it drive your business?


Your website should offer customers a helpful, enjoyable online experience; and one of the easiest ways to do so is to start answering questions.

A consumer’s journey before any purchase begins with a single problem or a question. You can use your website to provide your prospective clients with the answers to all of their questions.

Inbound Marketing uses engaging content like well-written blogs, downloadable resources and compelling website copy to attract new visitors and convert them into motivated leads — all of that content could (and should) be housed on your website.

So, stop thinking about your website like a static business card. Instead, think of how it could become the backdrop on which you hand your entire digital marketing program.

With a well-managed inbound website

You can rank in Google for relevant keywords.

You can find new customers online.

You can breathe new life into your marketing program.

Your website is your greatest digital tool, make sure it’s adding value to your business.

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