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Is Your Marketing Program Purposeful, or Running In Place?

May 15, 2017
Redstitch Team

We’re surrounded by thoughtless marketing.

I recently learned the average American adult is exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 marketing messages – A DAY.

Of the thousands of ads you’re exposed to day-in and day-out, how many are relevant to your life?

A handful?


I don’t ever want to be the guy contributing to the wall of advertising noise we’re all confronted with.

Similarly, I’m sure you don’t want your own marketing to get lost in the mix. (Or even worse, to annoy potential customers.)

Most of us are very good at tuning out the bulk of the white noise — myself included — which is why it’s incredibly important to be purposeful with your own marketing.

Effective Digital Marketing Needs Purpose

Companies that put their thoughtless marketing on blast are obviously a big problem, but we shouldn’t blame the people footing the bill.

I’ve seen a lot of marketers commoditize their skills and services – collecting a paycheck in exchange for ‘doing marketing’. They post on social media enough to hit their clients’ quotas, and tout the engagement they generate as an out-and-out success.

But this drives me crazy, because engagement is just the tip of the iceberg in the marketing world. Brand awareness is easy to generate. You can simply pay for it.

It’s what you do with your awareness and engagement that matters.

With a well-tuned inbound marketing program, you can create more targeted, thoughtful marketing messages that drive engaged users TOWARDS your business. This purposeful, relevant engagement is the first step in driving you closer towards your business goals, like leads, new customers, and revenue.

Effective digital marketing needs purpose, direction and goals to be successful.

Being seen is the easy part. In a world clogged with advertising, standing out and saying something relevant is the hard part.

But damn does it pay off.

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