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Introducing our New Digital Marketing Specialist, Sherry Wells

December 14, 2018
Redstitch Team

Meet Sherry: Redstitch’s new digital marketing specialist.

Sherry began working for the Courier and Press right out of college, doing all the cool things: photo-toning, outputting film for plate making for flexography printing, and later worked in the advertising department preparing layouts for the pressroom, while also accommodating all needs for account executives, editorial and circulation.

Sherry knows her way around a campaign, and brings a breadth of experience and expertise to the team when it comes to digital marketing and analyzing data. She’s personable and has a sharp, sarcastic wit that she undoubtedly inherited from her dad. It’s her mom who’s taught her love and compassion, and helped her stay grounded.

She will be in charge of campaigns, strategy, performance analysis, and optimizing conversion factors for clients.

Sherry is excited about collaborating on large projects with the rest of the team, and tries to embrace feedback with open arms (and ears). What she loves most about digital and revenue marketing is the ever-evolving science behind it, and the opportunities to always learn more, identify tactics and strategy, and execute results on a client by client basis.

She thrives in an environment where she is surrounded by other smart and bright people, who are always willing to grow. She doesn’t just show up for a paycheck – she sincerely loves what she does.

Todd Chase and Wes Davis co-founded Redstitch in March of 2013. The company continues to grow, forming a dynamic team of experts in many areas of technology, marketing and creativity.

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