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Introducing Marion Rose: Our Newest Web Developer

November 18, 2019
Redstitch Team

Say hello to Marion Rose, the newest (and funniest) developer at Redstitch.
Marion has always had a deep interest in web development. Even as a teen, she was frequently seen skateboarding around with a pile of papers that detailed how to be a webmaster. What a crazy kid.

She can contribute some of this love for tech to her dad who had a personal computer when it was “weird to have one.” He even owned his own software company!

Previously, Marion was a designer, but due to the subjective nature of the work, she found herself gravitating to a field where what she did was either “right” or “wrong.” So when she was expecting with her daughter Maya, she spent much of her “free time” digging through web development textbooks.

Once she learned how to code, she never looked back.

“It’s a cool trade that I can utilize in other aspects of my life. I’d eventually like to be able to teach web development to other people who aren’t in ideal conditions for a career change. It’s something that people outside of traditional educational institutions can learn, and it can provide a stable income with flexible working hours.”

With web development, she has the freedom to express herself creatively while solving difficult technical problems. It challenges her in a way that her previous endeavors never did.

She single-handedly created the website for Tribe, her non-profit organization.
Tribe is a peer-led support group for survivors of abuse. The primary goal is to support and encourage one another in an understanding environment, help each other heal, help each other grow as independent people, and reduce the chance of returning to dangerous and unhealthy situations.

At Redstitch, Marion is excited to be able to deliver the best possible digital solution to every client she works with. She’ll be developing her skills while building clients “the best damn website they’ve ever had.”

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