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Introducing Maddy Fritz, Our Digital Designer

June 28, 2019
Redstitch Team

Maddy fell in love with art at an early age, and there’s no sign of her putting that obsession aside anytime soon.

From drawing with chalk on her driveway as a child, to painting murals in her hometown of Henderson, KY, her love for a wide range of artistic mediums has helped drive her forward personally and professionally.

When Maddy isn’t covered head-to-toe in paint, she’s either typing some poetry on her typewriter or eating homemade soul food while listening to Nathaniel Rateliffe. You might also catch her outside riding horses, taking care of animals on the farm, or gardening (even though she’s admittedly not the best at it).

She takes typography seriously. 

Comic Sans breaks her heart, and Papyrus makes her skin crawl. So make sure she doesn’t catch you using either of those fonts, because there’s a good chance that she’ll never talk to you again.

As Maddy grew, she felt the digital world tug at her heels.
She followed that pull all the way to Redstitch, where she’ll use her artistry and passion to create powerful branding, brilliant illustrations, and intuitive user experiences.

Maddy is excited to work in a collaborative, educational environment as our Digital Designer, where she’ll be able to share her creative ideas with like-minded individuals who also hate Comic Sans and Papyrus.

Make sure you follow the Instagram account she made for her “PAWsome” dog, where her love for digital marketing and animals comes together: @heartofgoldbodie


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