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Introducing Content Specialist, Sam Kuban

March 01, 2019
Redstitch Team

The most interesting thing about Sam isn’t that he can do a little bit of everything, it’s what he creates with all that knowledge.

Graphic design, web development, and marketing strategy are among those talents. His true passion is content creation, and that’s because of what he gets from it, and what he feels he is able to give to others.

“What I love most about writing are the ‘aha’ moments, when I inspire myself to write more. It’s fascinating to relate with a reader or audience, to discover binary relationships and mutuality using words and sentences,” says Sam.

He’s used this diverse set of skills in a variety of roles and atmospheres including working at agencies, serving as a marketing director, and even entrepreneurial endeavors. He’s even created his own board game, and made a business dressing as Bigfoot and posing for photos at clients’ requests!

As a writer, he has years of scriptwriting experience, copywriting, and social content creation. He is also a top-ranked pitcher on Pitch, the Funny or Die comedy writing app.

In his role as Content Marketing Specialist, he will add this unique perspective to our collaborative environment involving clients in the realm of strategy, business development and campaigns.

His greatest professional strength is something we also admire about him personally: his curiosity and will to learn. He has an insatiable desire to know and understand topics and people intimately, and doesn’t shy away from things he finds intimidating. In fact, he’s usually drawn closer to something he internally finds intimidating.

“Anything I don’t understand, I want to figure out. It’s usually extreme sensory stuff or art forms that are tedious or intense. Facing those challenges are stimulating. Even sour candy, for example. It annihilates your senses but is invigorating,” he says.

He approaches challenges as growth opportunities, and as outlets to learn and maybe even spin his perspective into something to make it better. Who doesn’t want someone like that on their team?

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