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Introducing Annie: Redstitch’s Newest Content Writer

October 17, 2019
Redstitch Team

From an early age, Annie had a knack for writing. What she loves most about writing is that, for her, “it’s the perfect combination of fun and being good at something.” She’s thrilled to work in a collaborative environment surrounded by creative individuals.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs had a significant influence on her creative and problem-solving abilities. “Family businesses are about exactly that: family. Everyone plays a role, even if it’s simply being the source of entertainment during stressful times.”

When she’s not watching reruns of “Friends,” you can find her spending time with her boyfriend, Dillon, taking his classic car to car shows throughout the tri-state.

Though she doesn’t claim to be a picky eater, Annie does have a few important preferences. French fries are great. Potatoes are not. Ketchup is loveable. Tomatoes are not. But here’s the most important one to remember: don’t get her a birthday cake unless it’s made of ice cream.

Annie is excited to dive into the world of digital marketing and evolve her skills every day. Continuously learning is an important life value to her, and that value shines in her work.

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