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Do You Suck At Marketing On Facebook?

May 22, 2017
Wes Davis

Why are you using Facebook?
Why are you boosting posts in Facebook?

If you don’t know the answers, that should be a red flag.

When using a social channel as a marketing tool you should have a purpose, especially when you are boosting content.

Specifically referring to Facebook, we have seen all types of “boosts” promoting all kinds of “content” but the main point most marketers seem to be missing is — purpose.

In our line of work we see multiple types of boosters, or “marketers”. Very few understand the use of boosting in social channels right and most get it completely wrong, hopefully you can learn from their mistakes.

First we have The Boosters of Everything. These are the social media marketing “gurus” who boost anything and everything posted on their business’s Facebook page. There is no objective to their post and it provides no relevant content to the viewer, it simply becomes visual noise on their audience’s newsfeed.

After the promotion is complete, they do not perform any type of deep analysis of the analytics. They tend to look at vanity metrics such as post reach and engagement, and assume since the post generated a decent amount of interaction (or not) it’s considered a success. The cycle of wasted dollars and zero return on investment continues. These are the failures.

Then, from time to time, we have The Awareness Boosters. They are more mindful of what they are providing their audience with their boosted posts. Typically they only promote posts that are time sensitive — posts such as offers, campaigns, company news, contests, or giveaways. They want to create awareness around a specific event or in-store promotion and they provide their viewers with a relevant, timely information.

Awareness Boosters like to be a little more involved in the analytics process. They like to know what can be done to make the boosted Facebook campaign a greater success, however they too tend to focus on the vanity metrics of Facebook success and not the bigger picture of increased sales. These are the amateurs.

Finally we have the The Content Boosters, they are few and far between, but their content promotion ways are catching on. Content Boosters are the guys who are promoting only quality content for their audience. Now, they may boost every post, but every post is relevant. It provides the viewer with something of value. Over time, they become so great at providing quality content, little of their content needs boosting — it gains traffic and engagement organically!

Another secret to the Content Boosters’ success is their interest in the analytics. They want to know not only if the boosted content performed well, but did it send traffic to their website and funnel leads into their sales pipeline? Their main focus is on the overall picture, did the boosted post in Facebook generate sales — if done correctly the answer is yes. These are the winners, be like the winners.

So, do you suck at using Facebook for marketing?

It largely depends on the type of content you are providing your audience through a boosted post. Don’t be those guys, the Boosters of Everything and the Awareness Boosters. Be the Content Boosters, make sure what you are promoting is relevant and fulfills a purpose.

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