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Digital Marketing: Start with Strategy or Stay Home

May 17, 2016
Redstitch Team

Anyone Can Do Digital Marketing

Yes, anyone … but succeeding is another story.

To do that, you’ll need a strategy.


Because, like your road map to success, you can’t reach your destination until you know how to get there.

Successful Digital Marketing Is Cyclcical

It has to be.

Learning from your ups and downs is integral to digital marketing success. Ultimately, though, every journey starts with a gameplan, a proverbial treasure map, a strategy.

First you plan (a lot), then you execute, and finally, you analyze your results and carry over what you’ve learned into a new cycle. It sounds simple, and certain aspects are — but if you miss the first step, executing against a well-researched plan, the entire cycle falls apart. (And you usually have to start over.)

Here’s where most marketing efforts go astray: without a plan, goals and a target audience, it’s easy to blast your messages (and budget) to the unseen digital masses with mixed, even disastrous results.

Start with Strategy, Not Tactics

So, after your team’s been assembled and the marketing budget is approved, pay attention to your feelings.

The urge we all feel to jump right in, to throw yourself at your new digital marketing program, foaming at the mouth with unfettered urgency? … Shelve it.

You’re not ready.

When you sit down to think through your new marketing strategy, don’t start with conversations about social media, email marketing or anything “tactical” in nature — not yet.

You should instead be asking questions like, ‘what are our business drivers’? Do we need more sales? Does our sales team need more leads? How about newsletter subscribers? How many of these metrics do we need to grow the business, and in what time frame?

Seriously! Start your strategy discussions with questions like these; because while lots of clicks, likes and web traffic make people feel warm and fuzzy, you need to ensure your digital strategy is aimed at driving your business goals, not your egos.

If a marketing strategy does nothing to tangibly grow your business or serve an important, business-specific role, is it really worth your time, energy and money?

Probably not.

If you’re ready to dive deeper into digital marketing, or just want to see how we build our strategies, then contact us or download our latest resource below.

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