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Digital Advertising Not Generating Leads?

April 04, 2017
Wes Davis

You use digital advertising but your leads aren’t increasing

What’s the deal? You are pouring thousands of dollars into your Facebook, Google, YouTube ads, etc., and you’re seeing little increase in your qualified leads and sales.

Now you’re pissed because you wasted time and money and have little to show for it.

Well … here’s why.

Nine times out of ten the reason businesses fail at digital anything is because they jump the gun and don’t create a strategic game plan. Sure, digital ads “work”…for the seven days that you pay for them to run, but once it’s over there is little to no continuously generated revenue to show for it.

Digital advertising is a marketing tactic you should be using, but only if you have a strategic plan to execute against. Digital advertising, without the guidance of an inbound marketing strategy is a waste. You need a plan for your marketing tactics, otherwise you are shooting in the dark.

If you were to run digital ads over six months with no strategy, at the end of that six months your website traffic would show spikes and falls correlating to when your digital ads ran. Nothing more.

However, if you were to run the same ads over a six month period, but had a strategic plan to support your digital advertising, you would see a continuous increase in traffic, as well as an uptick in sales qualified leads because you are executing with a purpose.

You’ve heard it a million times, “slow and steady wins the race.” Take the time to strategically build an inbound marketing plan. Once your strategic plan is implemented, you will see fewer peaks and valleys and more consistent business growth.

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