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97% More Leads After Reinbrecht Homes’ Website Redesign & 6 Months of Inbound Marketing

July 10, 2017
Redstitch Team

Your website should be your greatest sales and marketing tool, period.

If it isn’t today, you’re likely going to need a lot more than a simple redesign to turn your ship around. And any conversation about reworking your existing website should focus on things like business value and customer experience, first — aesthetics, second.

Ask yourself …

Are my customers using my website?

Is my website moving my business forward?

Is my website effectively driving the goals of my business?

If not, it’s time to ask what needs to happen in order to make that possible.

Now, to be clear, we don’t always recommend burning your current website to the ground. In most cases, we first want to determine whether or not we can improve the existing one, or at least use it’s structural ‘bones’ to rebuild it better than before. The latter approach is sometimes less expensive without compromising the business goals of the website.

There are times, however, when it’s best to just start over — especially when a company is looking to upgrade their marketing program in the process, as was the case of Reinbrecht Homes.

The Ask: A Website Redesign

Reinbrecht Homes approached us in 2016 to discuss a website overhaul followed by the launch of an Inbound Marketing program. Their goals were straightforward: They wanted more leads, to build more homes, and to start scaling revenue year-over-year.

To build the caliber of web experience and marketing program we imagined for Reinbrecht, the decision was made to completely rebuild their website.

Here’s a side-by-side of their homepage before we got to it, and after.

Home Page Redesign | Before & After

Use the slider to swipe back-and-forth between the original and the redesign.

(See a Full “Before-and-After” Home Page Comparison)

The Solution: Website Overhaul & Inbound Marketing

As you can see, a lot has changed on their website.

Some of the most obvious aesthetic upgrades can be chalked up to the passing of time, better photography, and our talented UX and Web Development team; but there are a few new pieces I’d like to draw attention to in particular:

1. An Improved Navigation Experience:

The ability to move around a website without any snags is important. This is especially when, like Reinbrecht Homes, your business offers a wide array of services (or products). This website’s new, improved navigation makes it easier for users to browse leisurely, or get laser-focused on their specific needs.

Reinbrecht Homes | Improved Navigation Examples

2. The Addition of Multiple CTA’s:

Contact buttons, newsletter signups, and the ability to schedule consultations — noticeably absent from the original site, these calls to action are at the forefront of Reinbrecht Home’s new lead generation strategy. So, logically, we prioritized them on their new website, making it easier for prospects to make contact and get the info they need.

3. WordPress-supported Blog:

The hallmark of any inbound marketing strategy is content. The original site couldn’t support a blog, which was a big reason we decided to start from scratch. Now, Reinbrecht Homes has a place to share their thoughts and advice on homebuilding, as well as make any relevant company announcements.

Reinbrecht Homes | Blog Roll

4. Lots of Visual Validators:

How often do you read reviews on Amazon before adding an item to your cart? Common sense dictates that consumers value the words and experiences of REAL HUMAN BEINGS above those of the company they’re buying from. Which is the reason we took every opportunity to feature customer testimonials, a running ticker to validate Reinbrecht’s experience in the local market, and other industry badges to reinforce their reputation for consistently delivering a stellar product.

Reinbrecht Homes | Visual Validators testimonial widget

Reinbrecht Homes | Visual Validators stat bar

5. High Quality Project Galleries:

Our research (correctly) suggested that nothing in the homebuilding industry speaks louder than good photography. And lots of it. So, we created a gallery experience that allows Reinbrecht to share detailed galleries of their latest residential and commercial projects, home builds, and remodels.


Reinbrecht Homes | Website Redesign Addition of Project Galleries

The Results: Six Months Later

Yes, the website looks better, that’s a given. But what’s more important are the marketing elements called-out above, along with a host of others not mentioned here. All that new functionality is meant to improve the user’s experience, increase prospect engagement, visually validate our client’s work, and help drive their core business metrics, like leads, contacts, and homes sold.

We launched Reinbrecht Homes’ new website and inbound marketing program in December 2016. While the initial bump in site traffic was promising, the positive results continued to roll in, month after month. And after six months, here’s what we saw:

TRAFFIC: 832% Increase in Site Traffic

Thanks in large part to a very active social media strategy, Reinbrecht Homes drove more than 9 times the amount of web traffic year-over-year by creating and sharing blogs and photo galleries featuring their latest work.

LEADS: 97% Increase in Leads

Collecting leads online became a lot easier after the website overhaul. With all their new content alongside CTA’s and points of contact on every page, engagement went up — and with it, so did Reinbrecht’s conversion rate.

SALES: 174% More Projects Sold

This is the kicker — what it’s really all about. A fancy new website with all the traffic and leads in the world can’t help a business unless they’re actively driving that business towards their goals. After six months of marketing, Reinbrecht Homes has sold almost 3 times the number of projects year-over-year.

And here’s what the VP of Reinbrecht Homes, Phil Reinbrecht, had to say:

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