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A Blog Is Not A Sales Pitch

May 08, 2017
Wes Davis

Blogs are meant to be relevant and provide value to the reader…NOT rattle off a fluffy sales pitch and mention your business name repeatedly.

(They’re on your blog, they know who you are.)

The purpose of creating a blog is to be a source of helpful, educational information to your clients and wondering prospects.

When writing a blog, fight the urge to brag on your business or tell readers how great you are at what you do. Self-promotion and bragging have their place, but it’s not in the content you create for prospective customers.

User content isn’t about you and your business, it’s about the prospect and how you can solve their problems.

Create blogs that answer questions and solves problems, and you will gain your reader’s trust. They will come to know you as knowledgeable and not someone who will push them to buy.

When looking for personal advice, who do you go to first?

A friend…someone you know to be intelligent, open minded, and trustworthy…Or the annoying jerk from the gym who is always telling you how “badass” or “awesome” everything is?

The same mentality applies when prospects search for answers online, they go to websites they trust, no annoying, sales-y websites.

Be the trustworthy guy. Don’t burn prospects by selling to them and bragging on yourself in content that is historically meant to be helpful. They’ll leave your website in a quick second and you will have lost a qualified lead whose trust you’ll never regain.

Creating relevant blogs will earn the trust of your readers and establish your business as dependable. Your days of selling prospects are over. The education you provide will have them wanting to buy.

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