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4 Key Elements Of A Healthy, Lead Generating Website

February 22, 2016
Wes Davis

You already know this, but your website sucks.

Not just the design, but also the ability for your website to make an impression, and more importantly, generate quality leads for your business.

We hear comments from business owners all the time like, ‘I need more keywords’, ‘I need more traffic to my site’, or ‘I need more leads’. Our response is always a simple question, ‘Why?’

Most of you can’t even answer because you aren’t really sure why. You just know that, as a business, you are supposed to have a website and keywords are what you need to drive traffic. And all that traffic generated by your keywords will surely generate leads, right? … Sound familiar?

Well, here’s exactly what you are looking for.

  • You want more customers.

  • You want to grow your business.

  • You want to make more money.


But before you can start growing your business, you need to understand the elements of a highly converting, lead generating, Inbound Marketing website so you can make the necessary adjustments to your strategy.

So, here are 4 elements of a healthy, lead generating website:

  1. Educational Content and More Educational Content

Every single visitor to your website has a problem. One of the biggest reasons you aren’t getting more traffic or converting more leads on your website is because you aren’t producing enough content. Meanwhile, the content you currently have isn’t addressing problems of your audience.

More than likely, your website content is pretty basic and all about you. Whereas, a truly great website provides all the information that the customer is looking for. You need to make it all about them!

Blog articles, ebooks, white papers, videos, webinars, infographics, testimonials, and case studies are some examples of content that should be displayed prominently throughout your website. That’s how you get found, educate, generate leads, and gain the trust of your audience.

  1. Offers, Calls to Action (CTA), and Strategic Landing Pages

Let’s see, the only call to action that you have on your website is a simple “contact us” link. The link goes to a typical uninspiring page with more links that ultimately distract the user from actually contacting you.

While a general “contact us” link is fine, it’s not the type of offer, or call to action, that continues to drive leads day in and day out.

It’s extremely important to plan out what offers you need to include on your website. We say ‘need’ because it’s all about creating offers that not only engage your audience, but also add value by helping to solve their immediate problems.

Once you create the offers, you can place them, along with call to action buttons, throughout your website. This will drive users to a strategic landing page that includes a form, has zero distractions and only one goal – get lead information in exchange for the offer.

Now, that anonymous visitor has become a known, qualified lead.

  1. Experience

There are 19 slides on the home page, and the first image a user sees is a typical stock photo of a handshake or customer service rep.

What is the point of having great content, relevant offers and calls to action if your website is a cluttered disaster?

You have 5 seconds to tell your story and convince someone that you are unique.

If you can’t convince them you are the answer to their problems immediately, then it’s bye-bye forever.

Make sure you think through your story and what makes you unique. Make an impression. Create an amazing experience.

Take the time to think through your website’s navigation, layout, color schemes, and photography. Not only do they all play a major part establishing trust, they also help to guide the users down the path of becoming a lead.

  1. Analytics/Optimization

You have Google Analytics, right? Who doesn’t? Do you ever look at them? Probably not.

If you are one of the few business owners that actually does look at them, you probably feel like a character on Lost, wondering what island you are on.

We get it, there’s a ton of information that Google Analytics provides, and it’s overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for. That’s why it’s important to know what you should be measuring as it relates to the impact of your business.

Why is it so important? Because if you are going to invest in creating educational content, offers, and making website updates, you want to know the impact.

What types of content create the most engagement? Which offers are working? Which CTA buttons are clicked on the most? Which landing pages drive the most leads?

The best part about all of this is you have the answers!

Actually, you could already be making actionable, data-backed decisions right now if you knew what you were looking for.

Over time, your website becomes a lead-generating machine

You are able to weed out the crap and put all the power into what you know your users want and love, all because of analytics!

Try looking at your website in a new way. Alone, it has the power to take your business to levels you never thought were possible. Your website is the heartbeat of your business. Invest in it; make it a beautiful, lead-generating machine filled with great content. If you choose not to invest your business will not grow, it will barely survive.

It’s time to give your website the attention it deserves, get more customers, grow your business, and make more money. Don’t get left behind!

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