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3 Reasons Digital Advertising, Without a Marketing Plan, Is a Waste of Money

September 08, 2015
Wes Davis

On its own, a Digital Advertising campaign will never generate the same results as one backed by a full digital marketing plan. Never.

Now, “digital advertising” and “digital marketing” are two phrases that get thrown around a lot — often interchangeably. Both have their place, but you need to understand, they’re not the same thing, and treating them as such will only work against your business.

Let’s break this down:

Why Digital Advertising, Without A Plan, Is Not A Solid Strategy

Reason #1: Clicks don’t make a business.

The biggest mistake that comes from this mentality is that businesses will rely on digital advertising to fuel their online marketing, full stop. They’ll look at their AdWords or Facebook ads campaign and be excited because people are clicking to their website…but clicks don’t grow a business on their own.

Sending traffic to your website without any larger strategy is often a waste of time, effort and money.

Which leads us to…

Reason #2: You need to DO something with those clicks.

Set a goal.

More website traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more customers. You need to be converting those clicks into something, whether it’s sales, leads or email subscriptions.

If your goal is the latter, you might say: “Easy, we’ll just throw up a squeeze page or have a pop-up to capture email addresses!

Granted, that’s better than nothing, but it’s still not a solid strategy. You need to create an experience that guides users to some kind of transaction (financial, informational, etc.).

A marketing strategy backing your digital advertising could look like this:

  • Step 1: Entice users to click your ad.
  • Step 2: Take them to a Strategic Landing Page
  • Step 3: Make them an offer, create an opportunity for them to get something of value
  • Step 4: Use a CTA to collect their information or process their order. Either way, now you’re connected
  • Step 5: Do everything in your power to make your new lead/customer happy to keep them coming back for more

Using your digital advertising to create an entry point to your sales funnel is light years better than just dropping people off at your homepage with no plan at all.

The next big thing for you, and your digital marketing backed with strategy, is to turn that one-time customer into a loyal one. Which leads us to Reason #3.

Reason #3: Digital Advertising is only getting your foot in the door.

Some companies are perfectly happy with an ad that results in a single sale. Taking a lead and converting them into a purchase is by all means a success, but the real challenge here is figuring out how to generate long-term profits from your digital advertising.

To get the most out of advertising, you need to have a marketing plan that gives people a reason to stay (and come back) to your site long after their first click.

Every business is different, and by default, their digital strategy should be too. Customer retention can be achieved in many ways, including targeted email marketing, and content marketing — these strategies give visitors something to anticipate and come back for.

If you don’t give people a reason to stick around once you’ve earned their attention, then you’re missing countless opportunities with your digital advertising strategy.

Why make a sale, when you could create a loyal customer?

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